Guess what you pathetic whores!  I am here to make your life more miserable.  Your assignment this week will involve you going to get 7 good sized Italian Sausages at the grocery store.  Yes you heard me.  Stick them in the freezer because they must be frozen for this week’s assignment.  Each day of this week you will take out one frozen Italian Sausage and slide that into your little ass.  Now use that frozen Italian Sausage as a dildo until it melts.  You are not allowed to stop until you have defrosted that sausage you love using on yourself.  I want it to hurt so good slut.  Every day this week you will take a new frozen Italian Sausage Dildo to penetrate your little slutty hole.  You will lay on your stomach with your rear sticking up in the air.  Let your imagination run wild.  Is this my dildo or is it just like that cock you always wanted to take you?  Scream my name when you take it like a filthy pig.

Now, it’s time to defrost your dildo.  You will listen to the recording for the rest of my instructions on your Humiliation Torture.

For humiliation sessions with Ms Sarah call 800-601-6975

$1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

(Must be 18+)