You will now be addressed as Private Panty Waste.  The first and last word spoken from your mouth will be Mistress.  You will learn that the deadliest weapon in the world is a sissy that does not own a frilly pink panty set.  You must use the lingerie department at your favorite department store to survive.  You will use my guidance as a tool. The minute you start to feel embarrassed, you will fail.   If you do not learn how to pick out the right size undies for your bum, you will suffocate your little clitty.

This assignment is not for sissy’s that want to wear black panties that look a lot like men’s underwear. If you are to be a true sissy, you are going to need to reach for the pink lacy panties with the flowered embroidery.  You still own those Fruit Of The Loom briefs in hopes that one day you will grow some balls.  News flash private!  Your balls are not big enough to be considered part of the male anatomy.  You need to face the fact that you are built like a woman.

Today I will put you to the test.  I want to know how serious you are about becoming the panty wearing slut you were meant to be.  Click below for your assignment!

For humiliation sessions with Ms Nadia call 800-601-6975

$1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

(Must be 18+)