Well well well, now what did I do to deserve this? A pathetic loser fucktard like you peeping in on me? Not that I can blame you… I mean, sure, I have a hot body and I know you’d love to fuck me, but we both know that is NEVER going to happen since you don’t have a cock.  Oh, you do? Where? ::giggle:: THAT pathetic piece of skin? Umm no, loser, that is not a cock. That is not even worthy of being called a dick.  I’ve seen my dog humping the bitch next door, and he’s got a bigger package than you do… and he’s a Chihuahua!  There’s no way you’d ever have the chance to even touch my sweet little shaved pussy, much less fuck me.  If you even got close enough to my worn panties, I know you’d blow your whole 3 drops of cum within 5 seconds. Who are you kidding?  I know, you wank that tiny pud, imagining you’re Don Juan, but we both know that’s nothing but a fucking pipe dream.  You’ve never *really* had sex, at least, not with another actual human being, and with that tiny tic tac you probably never will.  I guess we all have dreams, but at least you should dream for something attainable.  And let’s face it, sex with a woman, for you, is not attainable, unless of course you pay for it… and even then, I wouldn’t be surprised if they took your money and sent you packing, without ever giving up the pussy to you.  Give it up, loser. Just face the facts… the only pussy you will be getting (besides your hand, that is) is plastic pussy from your blow up doll.  And even SHE wants to leave you for a bigger cock! ::giggle::

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$1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

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