Everyone knows that loser little sissy maggots such as yourself deserve to be caught by EVERYONE!! Well, tonight we are going to play a fun little game that will make sure you have optimal interaction with people while you are dressed up. First, you are going to go to a nice hotel that has room service and always has someone at the front desk. I don’t care how fucking broke you are, or what excuses you come up with, just fucking do it maggot. Don’t forget to bring your sluttiest clothes, wig, makeup and shoes with you. Now, you are going to get dressed up in full sissy gear…aww  how cute.
The first assignment you will have from me will to order a nice meal from room service. You will be paying in cash. When the room service guy gets there make sure he sees your entire outfit…even bend over when you “accidentally” drop your money and show him that luscious little faggot…oops…maggot…ass.
We are not done yet you pathetic fuck. Destroy your key cards. Both of them. Next you will leave your room with the door locked. So you are locked out of your hotel room. Go down to the front desk and then the concierge that you had a “sissy moment’ and lost your keys and locked yourself out of the room! Don’t forget to end with a curtsey and bow, slut!

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