You will now be addressed as Private LOSER. The first and last word spoken from your mouth will be Mistress. You will learn that the deadliest weapon in the world is a pathetic loser that thinks he’s worth something. You must use your humility to survive. You will use my guidance as a tool. The minute you start to feel worthy of anything, is the minute you will fail. If you do not learn that all women are superior then you will never make it. Is that clear private Loser?

You must realize that humiliating a loser like you is not really hard to do. You make it effortless for me to tell you the obvious about yourself. All you have to do is continue to tell me about your pathetic little life, and it will help me to laugh at your expense. You’re a virgin? Did you think by calling me, I would give you a little phone bone? You are dumber then I thought. Why don’t you head over to the Land of Oz and pick up a brain. You continue to stroke your small 4 inch wiener in front of me, and you think I enjoy watching. Actually it makes me gag! Yep, it makes me barf! I go through such torture and pain when I have to stand here and watch such a hideous sight. Why do you cry when I tell you these things? You want me to comfort you huh? Not! I’m the one humiliated here! You’re cramping my style! If we ever go out, make sure you walk behind me, and not beside me. I don’t want to be seen with you.

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