You will now be addressed as Private Cum Guzzle. The first and last word spoken from your mouth will be Mistress. You will learn that the deadliest weapon in the world is a loaded penis with no where to explode. You will hunger to be fed warm milk to survive. You will use my guidance as a tool. Your distinctive taste buds will be your downfall. If you don’t have a strong desire to down cum, you will fail. You will be made to accept the fact that you must drink cum to survive.

This assignment is not for the man that wants to stroke his penis and afterward use toilet paper to clean the residue of his act. I know that you expect a mistress to make you swallow your own dribble. If only you had the balls to go it alone. You need to learn to follow through after you ejaculate. Stop trying to reason with yourself after its time to deliver the goods.

There is no retreating Private Cum Guzzle. Click below to enlist.

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