God I am so sick of seeing you crawl around begging women like myself to help you get off.

Why the hell should I?

Seriously… why the hell should I or any woman ever even look at you, let alone talk to you. You can’t be so deluded as to think any of us actually like hearing about your tiny hard-on or how badly you want to cum.

Sure… it’s fun to humiliate men… even vile crap that you’d never have sex with can still be hilarious when used as something to abuse and laugh at. But you go way beyond this. It’s just not funny anymore… it’s disgusting. You really are the worse piece of crap I’ve ever had the displeasure of talking to… and I have to get rid of you before I vomit.

I want you to shut down your computer.

Then go look at yourself in a mirror and say… “I am a disgusting piece of shit”… 100 times. Say it slowly and let it sink in… and believe me, those are kind words compared to what you truly are.

Then when you’re done… go to a mall and say it to 10 different people. You won’t be telling them anything they can’t see for themselves… but I want you to do it anyway. Go up to each person and say “I am a disgusting piece of shit”, then bow and walk quickly away.

After you’re done… come home and jerk off in the toilet. You will cum in the bowl because that’s where filth belongs… and nothing but filth comes out of you.

Flush it when you are done… and then say out loud – “Thank you Domina Amanda, for being so nice to a disgusting piece of shit like me”.

Then come back and click the link below for final instructions –

For humiliation sessions with Domina Amanda call 800-601-6975