Hi there wanker boys! It’s time I started whipping each of you into shape. The only way to do that is with a steady diet of humiliation and degradation. For the next week, you’ll be saving your semen in a little cup in the fridge. Each time you make a “deposit” to your growing collection you’ll be coerced to acknowledge that ultimately I decide what happens to that little cup. Now after the first week, you’ll be on orgasm denial of course. Why would I let you wank to your cock’s content without a price to pay? Each day you’re denied I want you to visit your freezer, visit your little cup. Open it up, smell it, dip your tongue in to taste it just a bit. Know I own that cup, a weeks worth of your personal essence. I own your cock, too… because I control the cup and that cup is the center of your universe. What will I make you do with it at weeks end? Will I make you dump it cold over your throbbing hot hard cock and stroke? Will I make you drink it? And when will I let you cum again? The answer is below… you might not want it, but trust me, cum junkie… you need it….

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