What.. you’re still here?

I thought a pathetic little wimpy bitch like you would have packed up and gone home by now!
Okay so you want to play rough, you like it like this don’t you, worm. Get down on your knees for me, you are going to worship me, and you are going to do it out loud.

So speak up whore, I want to hear you say it. Tell me I am the Goddess that controls your miserable pathetic life. That you only exist because I allow you to. Go ahead, pray to Me, ask for mercy where there is none. Tell me how you will suffer so long and so very hard for my amusement.

You will remain there on your knees, in front of your computer.. for the next hour. Thinking of ways in which to suffer for me.

For humiliation sessions with Ms Elizabeth call 800-601-6975