Have you ever wanted to be a porn star or a stripper, a slender male with a big dick instead of the bald , fat, shrimp dick that you are? Now is your chance to humiliate yourself with your Mistress taking the footage. Have Her dress you in slutty porn star stripper slut wear with some cocksucker red lipstick. Do NOT wear a wig, do Not shave. Look as tacky and as tasteless as you possibly can. Select a song that moves you such as Maniac from flashdance and get your moves down. Get the abdomen going nice, get shimmying and shaking and work it, bitch. The final part with pink boa around your neck, you pull down the sexy thong to display your ugly and hairy dick , so tiny, small and limp. You need a gimmick so the challenge is to try to slap that small cock against your legs. You cant do it can you.. That’s because it’s way too small. The thing is, you love this humiliation so much, that your little cock is getting wood. This is the funny part. The camera pans on the closeup of this little peepster and your Mistress laughes uncontrolably. The End!

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