“My Pets” have no hair, plain and simple that is my truth. Your assignment today will be total body shaving. I want you to draw a warm bubble bath and climb into it. Reach for the girlie shave gel and smear it allover your body. Now grab the razor and start at your toes (when I say total I mean total.) Work up your ankles, calves, knees and thighs from the front of your body first. Now very carefully and slowly (no speed shaving allowed) lift up those sissy balls and work your way around them and up to that clitty. Now continue up that tummy and chest and around those sissy titties. Careful not to nick those or you will be doing pushups with my strap-on deeply embedded in your sissy hole until the sun comes up! Next, under and over your arms.Now stand up and reach around and do the back of those legs and thighs. Now bend over you sissy bitch and spread them. Take the razor to your sissy hole and shave that clean! Drain the tub water and rinse off with the shower nozzle. Towel dry and reach for the body lotion, saturate your freshly shaved body with it. Look down at that clitty and tell me has it ever been so hard? You may thank me by not being a continuous fuck up, do you read me? Now that you are totally fresh pick out your cutest panties and bra set that you will be wearing tomorrow, no matter what is on your day calendar. Click below for a message from your

DrillInstructor ~Mistress Ashley

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