Attention: Your drill Mistress is absolute perfection. While you wankers are all out of shape. Beating your dicks is the only exercise you ever get!

Well your Mistress is going to whip you into shape, if it’s the last thing that you do.

First exercise is naked jumping jacks. get undressed and grab your dildo. If you don’t have a dildo; grab a cucumber, zucchini or carrot stick. Cover with a condom, and you have a homemade dildo. Now stick it in your mouth or ass; then give me 20. Clench your mouth and ass cheeks hard. If that dildo falls out, you will have to do 20 jumping jacks.

Now for our basic march. Down on hands and knees, butt up in the air, dildos inside your mouth or your ass. While marching back and forth on the floor, you will do a cadence call.
Cadence Call ( Military Chant)!

I’m on my knees my ass in the air
a big dildo in me and it’s not really fair
If I wasn’t a fat ass it wouldn’t be this way
have to keep myself stuffed for the whole damn day

Keep those dildos inside for the entire day, while doing a cadence call every hour. Until next time maggot!

For humiliation with Ms Alexis call 800-610-6975