Okay,  privates here’s an assignment for all the needledicks.

Now usually we don’t like our soldiers having sex or masturbating without the proper Drill Mistress guiding you. But with that little tic tac, you probably haven’t had sex with anything other than your fingers in a long time.

So today is the day you get lucky! You will buy a box of cheerios, and a box of magnum condoms. You know the condoms for real men with real cocks. I know you have stared at that magnum box in the store, wishing your cocklette could fit in it.

Now private tic tac, take your purchases home and get ready for a wild night. Oops, I mean a wild 5 minutes for you. I want you to take a magnum condom and fill it with lubrication. The lubrication will take up more space than your tic tac cock will. Slip that condom on your tiny pricklet, and hold it tight with one hand. Now open your box of cheerios and take out one cheerio. That is what you will be pumping.

First, you must tell that cheerio how pretty it looks tonight, and how you have been waiting for a long time for something that could fit you tiny little dicklet. That’s right loser get that cheerio very hot!

Now with one hand still on that magnum condom, you will hump that cheerio. Passionately grinding your hips and thrusting into it. Moan loudly, while telling that cheerio what a great piece of ass it is.

And it is the only piece you will ever get, tic tac!

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