Time for some exercise, fat boy. You might like living like a pig, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to tolerate mess. If you want to masturbate anytime soon, you’re ass is going to have to work for it.

First you’re going to go out to a clothing store and buy yourself a pink shirt and a pair of white shorts. Don’t buy a size that fits you – I want both to be a little small so they fit tight. Get yourself a pair of knee high white socks while you’re there too.

I also want you to buy a beret – pink, bright red, yellow, lime green, something like that. Find a store that sells them – no excuses, you can always order one online.

You’re going to need a box of black garbage bags too, so pick them up someplace.

When you have your outfit and an afternoon off, you can get dressed for your assignment.

Put the shirt and shorts on… no underwear. Then the socks – pull them all the way as close to the knees as possible. No sneakers, you’ll be wearing your black dress shoes today so get them on (if you don’t have black or brown dress shoes, then your uneducated, day-worker, low class ass should stop here… turn off the computer you stole… and save some money so you can pay the rent on your double-wide). Last… put on your oh-so-lovely beret. No jackets, nothing else… just your new outfit.

Now grab up your garbage bags and head out to town.

You are to go to a public place, one where there are many people – don‘t try doing it late at night or a public place no one goes to. This is to be during the day, when many people are active and around. There you will spend the next 3 hours picking up scraps of garbage off the ground/street. 3 full hours, and you have to fill at least 3 garbage bags during that time. If you don’t fill 3 bags, then you keep going until you have done so, no matter how long it takes. No hiding… you’re to walk around in the open the entire time.

If anyone says anything to you, especially if they mock or insult you, you are to stop and agree with them. If cops come up to question you, you are to tell them that you are being punished for being a dirty pig, and have to pick up the garbage.

While you’re doing this you’re to look at the people walking by… and think constantly of how stupid you look and what they must think of you. You’re also to think about how you’re wearing no underwear, and that when you’re done you’re going to go home and masturbate.

When you have finished your chores, throw the bags of garbage away in their proper place – and no, that doesn’t mean your living room pig boy. Then go home and as soon as you walk through the door, unzip those tight shorts and let your cock and balls pop out. You’re to leave your outfit on… everything… the entire time you masturbate. You can jerk off any way you want to, but you will click the link below first for final instructions –

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