It’s time for Shoemiliation. I don’t care if you are or are not a crossdresser. Walking into a shoe warehouse in male clothes is actually better, which is what you will do. In the sale area you will find Women’s shoes in your size on racks. You will try every single pair of Womens shoes in your size from this sale rack. Being dressed semi-girlie is the best you can do, low cut jeans , flared at the bottom, a regular unisexed t-shirt, no makeup except for pink lipgloss is the way to go. Every pair will be tried on even if it takes all afternoon..yes , you are going in on a Saturday at 1 to try on and walk down the very long isle with each pair. You will randomly take a picture of yourself walking, better yet, you willl ask a pretty sales associate to do it and you will tell her it is for your “shoemiliation assignment”. You will pick out the femmiest, prettiest, pinkest, sluttiest 7 pair of shoes to wear every single day of the week at home, to celebrate Me. I don’t care if you are wearing gym clothes, a suit, male jeans……wear the shoes for Me. Why? Because I said so, ok?

For humiliation sessions with Ms Cassandra call 800-601-6975