Hi there, little public humiliation junkies. I’m Empress Lauren and I’m here today to take your fetish for public exposure out of the closet so to speak. See, I understand some of you don’t want to risk your family and job in your pursuit for the ultimate orgasm. That’s why I’m here, to give you choices… problem with that is, sometimes you have to take the lesser of two evils. But if satisfaction is your goal tonight, you must choose the activity that’s best for you. Don’t get excited, wanker, neither of your choices are tame, nor do they give you the opprotunity to weasel out.

Your assignment, should you chose to accept it… (tee, hee, I’ve always wanted to say that!) is to chose either a high risk / lower exposure or a low risk / high exposure assignment in tonight’s Humiliation Bootcamp. The choices are simple and depending on your answer, you might even get sweet release from your aching blue balls. So here we go, pay attention to the letter. I won’t having your pretending you’ve accomplished something you haven’t. Not only will your guilt show… I WILL know if you’ve lied to me. So without further preliminaries, here goes.

Assignment 1: High Risk/ Lower Exposure. The high risk part of this assignment means you’ll be more in the open, exposed. You should put on some sweats, get whatever toys it takes to make you splooge should you get lucky enough to do so, some lube, a stopwatch and yourself of course. Make sure you’ve saved the audio with your orgasmic instructions before you leave, don’t listen beforehand, it would ruin the surprise. Gather your treasures and climb in the car. I expect you to find a parking lot that’s high traffic. I’ll allow you to park away from others… at least this time. You’ll park, take off your sweats and put them in the back seat so they aren’t easily recovered. If you’re feeling espcially adventurous, put them in the trunk or the bed of your truck. You’ll then proceed to masturbate. Lube it up good and stroke slowly for 10 minutes. Don’t come. If you’re edging, let go and pause for 30 seconds before you begin the five knuckle shuffle again. Pause between sessions for five minutes. Repeat this process five times, then click the link below to find out if you got lucky….

Assignment 2: Low Risk/High Exposure. Have you ever made love outdoors, al fresco? I doubt it, loser, most of you have never made love at all! Anyway, neither here nor there. I want you to drive to a seculed area, one where few people go. Take with you some panties, some lube, an ass toy and a stopwatch… oh and your dinky dick, of course. When you reach your private area, remove your clothing, put on the panties and place your street clothes in the trunk. Place your keys in the glovebox, don’t lock them in. I want you to walk around outside, rubbing your sissy clit through those silky panties for ten minutes, time it. I want you throbbing from the sensual stroking. Now lower your panties, bend over the hood of the car and slide in your ass toy. Now stand and masturbate quickly for twenty minutes. Pause if ejaculation is inevitable. When you’ve regained control, start again. Do this twice until you’re throbbing for more. Check the audio you’ve saved before leaving on your adventure to see if you’ve got lucky… or if I left you high and dry!

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