Private, have I got an assignment for you! Should you accept this assignment the rewards may be exciting beyond your wildest dreams!Do I have your attention (or are you standing at attention) already? Well good because today you are going on a panty raid! Thats right and I am not going to make this easy for you. Where would the fun or challenge be in that anyway? This panty raid will involve someone who is not a relative or a significant other. If you love a challenge your dick is probably twitching already! So no wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers panties will count. You will need to show a little ingenuity to accomplish this test. What will score big points with me is if these panties belong to a girlfriend of your significant other or sister. Your sister in law would be good too! If you are up to an even greater challenge I’d like it very much if these panties belonged to someone you barely or not even know. To accomplish this mission you must be sly and driven. Knowing that it will please me will be your main goal. I am going to offer a few hints now so you have several choices on how to go about it. Spring is here and many lovely ladies are now hanging there lingerie on the clothesline in their backyard. Take a walk, survey your beighbourhood and see who has the prettiest to offer. If you are in an apartment head down to the laundryroom and swipe them right out of the dryer. Better yet if there is laundry waiting to go in the washer swipe them while they are still filled with her scent! The possibilites are endless the reward is that you will get to wear them and be my panty boy of the day!Happy hunting!

Humiliation sessions with Ms Ashley 800-601-6975

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Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

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