Look at you, you pathetic worthless worm!  I can’t believe I caught you at it again.  Do
you think I can’t see you??  Hello!  That tree is directly across from My bedroom window,
and there you are perched on a branch, jerking away at that worthless little cock like a
retarded monkey on Viagra.  If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times.  You are
not allowed the privilege of gazing upon My beautiful form unless you have earned it.  Much
less trying to get away with whacking at that useless member without Mistress Marlena’s
express permission.  I know that you’re a compulsive masturbator and all, but you are
really going to have to learn how to control yourself.  I’ve lost patience with your
incessant failings.  It’s time to teach you a lesson, fuck up.  So, you want to stroke in
public do you+?  Well, you are going to earn that privilege right now, you disgusting
bastard.  If you ever want to have the pleasure of serving Me again, I suggest you follow
My instructions to the letter.  I want you to go to the Mall.  Take a seat in the food
court and stalk the door to the women’s restrooms with the same disturbing level of
attention that you use to stalk and annoy your Mistress.  When the coast is clear, run
inside and hurry to the very last bathroom stall.  Once you are in the stall, strip totally
naked and place your clothing on the toilet tank.  Are you excited stroker?  You better be,
because you are going to get to stroke that pathetic wang.  Go ahead and pump your cock ten
times.  Here comes the hard part, loser.  Crouch down and look for feet inm the row of
stalls.  When it’s all clear, get down on the floor like the pathetic work that you are and
crawl under the dividing wall to the next stall.  Once there, you can stroke ten more
times.  Repeat the process in each stall until you get to the very last one.  Once there,
jerk until you squirt, blowing your disgusting cock puss all over the door.  Now that you
are soft, reality is setting in, isn’t it?  you are going to have to find a way back to
your clothes LOL!  Open the door and RUN all the way back to the original stall.  That will
teach you not to spy on Me, you gross little fuck.  Click the link below to find out if I
let you leave the ladies room with even the smallest scrap of dignity…