Since when did they start sending me pathetic puny dick losers? I thought boot camp was meant for real men; not little dick fuckers like you. Get undressed right now and show me what is in those pants, from the looks of it right now there isn’t anything there!

Is that little ass pee pee already hard? Oh, you are one of those losers that gets off from me humiliating you, huh? Well, today we are going to have some fun. Before we start on the action you are to get two things for me: a big fat dildo (preferably a wife’s or girlfriend’s) and her lipstick. The lipstick MUST be deep, dark red or bright red.

Take that lipstick and pucker up. You are to go around your lips 15 times with the lipstick; making sure you have a lot on there and that you don’t miss any spots. It is okay if it gets on the outside of your lips since it is going to be smeared quite a bit soon anyhow.

On your chest (in your chest hair and all) I want you to write “Bailey’s Humiliation Whore” in thick red letters and then I want you to color the tip of your little, worthless maggot dick. Make sure you get a lot of pubes and pre-cum on that lipstick. I bet it looks absolutely terrible. Now, click on the audio to get further instructions you worthless turd.

For humiliation sessions with Ms Bailey call 800-601-6975