Attention Private Loser! Your Drill Mistress has a humiliating assignment for you. Now everyone knows that you don’t have friends, and no one likes you. So I decided to take pity on you, and help you get some friends!

Go to a local sex shop, if you don’t have a sex store near you, you can order off the internet. If you order off of the internet, you must call customer service and order from a live person.

Now at the sex shop I want you to pick out 6 dildos, with the help of the salespeople. You will tell the sex shop workers, that you are picking out some friends for yourself. You will get the cheapest dildos, because a sad loser like you doesn’t deserve the good stuff.

Now go to a local lingerie store, and pick out 6 pairs of panties. Tell the saleswomen they are for the new friends that you bought. Take your purchases home.

Now your lonely little life begins! Dress those dildos up in the panties. Now give them all names, that your little brain can remember! Tonight you will have a slumber party with your friends.

I want you to have snacks, music, and movies to watch with your friends. First you are going to chat with your new friends, telling them about your sorry existence. And everything that happened in your day, from people ignoring you, to doors getting slammed in your face. Then play some music and dance with every last one of your friends. Lastly you are going to watch a movie with your friends by your side on your couch. During the movie keep telling them how grateful you are to finally have friends.

Then its off to bed, position your friends all around you and kiss them good night.  Then the next time you go to work, I want you to call home during your lunch break, and leave a message telling them how much you miss them.
And what a great time you had at the slumber party!

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Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

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