Hello my lovely sissy maids. Today I want all of you to feel just like Cinderella. Before she went to the ball. Lol.

For this assignment, I want you dressed in your prettiest outfit. So get your pretty bra and panties. I want you in a pair of heels, the higher the better. And a pair of silky sissy stockings. You will also need a box of maxipads.

Get dressed up in that gorgeous outfit. Don’t forget to put a pad inside of those silky panties. Now, your Mistress is going to a ball, and you are left all alone to clean the bathroom.

Get your cleaning fluids together. Fortunately for you, I won’t make you use your own bodily fluids this time! You will get down on your hands and knees with those panties showing; and scrub the floor using a fresh maxipad. I know how delicate you sissy maids are. So grab some more maxipads and stick them to your knees and elbows.

Assume the position!  Now scrub!

You will stay down on your hands and knees until you have completely cleaned the bathroom. Thinking about your beautiful drill Mistress enjoying herself at the ball.

Make sure you clean the toilet, the sink and the tub. There will be an inspection afterwards. If I can’t see my reflection in the floor, you will be caged .Now what do you think about fairy tales?

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