You want that cock hard don‘t you? I’ll get it rock fucking hard for you right now. Go get some lube, then get back here and drop your pants. Hurry up, I’m not going to waste the mood I’m in on some guy who’s too slow to jump on the chance to blow a thick load.

You ready? Sit down, spread ‘em wide, and start lubing that shit up good. Come on, show me what a messy pervert you are and really pour the lube on. Use both hands and get everything coated good… cock, balls, public hair, all of it.

I want you to read the next paragraph… and then close your eyes and just focus on what it says.

Keep feeling yourself up like the dirty bastard you are ~laughs~. Violate yourself… I mean really get into it. Imagine a couple of beautiful, slutty young girls down there running there hands all over your cock, balls and inner thighs, like they can’t get enough of it… while you’re totally helpless in their grasp. Spread your legs wide open for them and feel their greedy hands paw all over you… groping and grabbing… fighting to touch you… excited over that hard cock they want to see cum all over them… they can’t get enough of it, they just love your dick so much.

Now close your eyes like I said before… and think of what I just described while your hands act it out. Do this for the next 15 mins, and then continue reading.

Don’t read anything more until then.

Now open your eyes and wake up shithead. Who the hell are you kidding? Like any woman would want your fucked up little cock that badly. If one actually did, you wouldn’t be sitting here feeling yourself up like a twisted pervert now would you? You’d actually be getting some for once ~laughs~.

Look at yourself… sitting there like that. Nothing new, right? All worked up, but no hole to put the thing in. Big fucking surprise there… or actually by the looks of it, I’d say there’s nothing big about anything down there.

And look at the mess you made… what a sloppy fuck you are. If some crack whore did spread her legs for you, you’d probably drool all over yourself and spurt that cock junk of yours before you got anywhere near putting it in.

I can’t believe how into that you got… talk about high hopes and delusions of grandeur. I guess even the most pathetic dog can dream. Now click the link below to hear what I think about your fantasies.

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