So, you’re sure that you were MEANT to wear panties, huh? That you are really a boy trapped in a girl’s body and that wearing frilly lingerie is just RIGHT for you? Yeah, sure. What it means to ME is that you’re a big baby, afraid to butch up and be a real man! Worthless little loser bitch, I’m sure it’s lovely to prance around like a big petunia in  soft lace and satin panties if it means you don’t have to put down the lipstick and take on the responsibilities of a real man in life. What’s the matter? Tiny dick? No guts? Too stupid to come in out of the rain? Or just fucking lazy? Either way, that’s just FINE, you go ahead and wear those panties and that ridiculous loose hanging bra over your man boobs. Wear them and your silly high heels while you run twenty laps around the BootCamp Track in front of the other pathetic loser recruits! That’s right, run, you fat assed bitch, and I’ll be right behind you with a switch, snapping at your flab through the panties you love so much!!

You’re going to LOVE being a sissy here in Humiliation Bootcamp!

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