So pussy boy, pindick loser, you’re in our army now!  Hmmmm don’t even think you will get special treatment.  That’s right, we treat boys that have mirco dicks such as yours much worse than we treat real men.  First off, give up on trying to get it to grow like a big boy.  You see, what you have there is never going to get larger, it is a pathetic excuse of a penis and would never be mistaken for a cock.

Now you want to play with it, don’t you?  I mean look at it, no one else will ever touch it so get use to your lifelong girlfriend to be your hand, well your two fingers, your hand is much to large to wrap around that teeny weenie.  What I want you to do is get the honey out, yes, honey, you need something that is a bit sticky so that you don’t lose your two finger grip.  Take your index finger and thumb and start to stroke, be careful, do it slow so your hand doesn’t slip off and smack yourself in the face…..LOL that will come later!

Pump your nub for one minute, one thing I have noticed in all my years of laughing at you dickless wonders is that NONE last, they explode so fucking fast which is great, means I can hurry up and move to the next loser.  Now stroke faster, harder and stop after one minute.  Do this two more times, that is three –  one minute stroke sessions, weenie coated in honey – got it stupid?  Good loser!

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