Welcome stupid. I’m glad you decided to stop in and get your humiliation assignment. Do you have a nice big window that looks out in the street? Good, and if you don’t I have something for you too.

I don’t care if you don’t have crossdressing fantasies. You will buy the most ridiculous outfit a crossdresser would wear. A ballet tutu in pink looks absolutely silly on you especially in pink. Pink tights, pink top, pink strappy stilletto heels that make alot of noise as you walk on anything but a rug. Get a fairy wand with a star to go with the whole outfit and some pink false eyelashes while your’re at it. Don’t just look at it, wear it! Get dressed and ready to make your debut dumbass.

Now open your curtains as thought they were a stage. Come on , do it. I’m not asking you to do anything illegal like pulling out your tiny little dick to stroke it. After all, I want you around for awhile to do other ridiculous and humiliating things for me. Now give us your best performance. Set up your webcam and do a call with me so I can watch you perform. I hope you’re a better dancer than a looker, because you look absolutely absurd. Take a picture for our amusement and proof you have done this assignment.

For humiliation sessions with Ms. Cassandra call 800-601-6975