It’s time for your humiliation lesson, asswipe. If you don’t have a dunce cap, make one! Now. Lesson number one. This is a lesson in art. Mixed media art and photography. I want you to make a banner with a light pastel pink back ground. You will take some paper fitted to a cardboard background, paint it pastel pink. Now get a letraset and paint ; ” i Am Mistress Cassandra’s Dunce Cap Loser Sissy” . From here you choose regular clothes with the exception of pink ballet flats and a cheap synthetic wig. The fingernails are painted hot pink , this is very important as you will be holding this banner on the corner of a very busy street. Pick a shopping day like Saturday so women will see you. Now this is the hard part. YOU MUST find someone to cam this because you will then post it on youtube. The cam person will interview you briefly and you will tell him that you are a worthless, useless, hapless half a man. You are the tool of all Mistresses and Mistress Cassandra ordered you to do this. I want stills of this to post on My blog, also I will post the youtube on My blog. On the dunce cap which will be painted pink, you will write in black magic marker “LOSER”. Now get started amusing Me! After you are done, call Me for a session, a long session because I want your money too.

For humiliation sessions with Ms Cassandra cal 800-604-6975