This is the kind of crap they’re sending me now? Look at you… what a total fucking mess. I don’t know whether I should just send you away so I don’t have to be near you… or kick you in the stomach for being so offensive.

Don’t look at me jerk off… eyes down… filth like you is only fit to look at the dirt you were born to crawl in.

Damn, and you stink too… like a dirty toilet. Take those filthy clothes off… take them all of now, and be quick about it! If there’s anything I hate more than ugly, it’s slow and stupid… and it looks like you’ve got all the bases covered, doesn’t it, moron.

When was the last time you took a bath? Let me guess, soap doesn’t work on you… yeah, not surprising. I’ve got just the thing to take care of that… follow me, we’re going to take a little trip to the latrine. I predict you’ll be spending a lot of time there, so we might as well get you acquainted right away.

Now you see that toilet… go over there and kneel down before it. Yes, that‘s it dummy… kneel on all fours right in front of it. I want you to lift the lid and then the seat with your teeth… yes, your teeth stupid, don’t make me repeat myself again or I’ll slam the seat down on your cock.

Put your head down in the toilet where it belongs… in the bowl, down in the water… you want to smell and look like shit, then welcome to your new home.

Head down in the toilet is exactly where you belong… you look better already… and I know you love it, piggy… you love it so much that you’re going to show me just how much you do.

You’ve got 3 minutes to cum… yeah, you heard me right. Reach back and jerk that ugly little cock of yours fast because if you don’t cum in time, I am going to kick your balls into your throat. And do not take your head out of the bowl… shit like you belongs down there.

I’m not joking… now jerk it bitch! And click the below link while you do.

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