Considering how small your cock is, I’m betting it only shoots blanks. Wait, did I say shoots? Let’s be realistic here, I meant dribbles… or maybe sputters. Yeah, I like “sputters”… like a sick little thing sputtering and coughing up its little bits of cum. That sounds right.

But my girlfriends and I have been having a debate over this and we’ve broken into two camps… the “sputtering” side and the “he can’t cum at all” side. And now it’s time for you to settle things once and for all.

So you are going to drop your pants and masturbate for us all… well, as best you can, considering what there is to work with. And when you cum, we’ll all see just what that tiny dick is capable of… if it’s capable of producing anything at all.

Stand in the middle of the living room, facing the couch so we can all see you. Drop your pants down to your ankles, then get down on your knees, back straight and head up… and spread your legs wide so we have a chance of actually seeing that little prick. The lights are to be on nice and bright too – we both know any shadows will hide mini-mouse totally from view.

Don’t tell me you can’t perform with a group of beautiful dominant women watching you. I don’t care that you’re kneeling in the middle of the room with the lights on full… it’s not like we’re telling you to pee. Yeah, yeah, you’re embarrassed and ashamed of how small your penis is… who wouldn’t be? Just get to the stroking so we can get this over with… and only use two fingers, any more than that and you’ll break the little thing, and I don’t want to have to call an ambulance

Come on, jerk it you glorified eunuch… let’s get this show going. That’s it, faster… I said faster! Pump away and let’s see some of those stupid faces you make so we’ll have something extra to laugh at. No, I’m not going to tell you how to stroke it… your dick is too small to waste my time telling you how to get it done. Just crank it like the filthy monkey you are and tell us when you’re going to cum so we can get our magnifying glasses and flashlights ready.

Oh come on already, hurry up and get it over with… you think we actually like watching you? We have male slaves with real cocks that are worth playing with… big, thick beautiful cocks that a woman would want inside of her… unlike your pathetic, twisted wiggly worm. We’re only doing this to settle a bet, and because it’s funny watching you jerk away while you make those revolting faces of yours. But the amusement is now running as thin as that thing you’re pulling on… so click the link below and let’s get this finished –

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