Welcome recruit, to Mistress Ashley’s Army! This portion of your bootcamp deals with desensitizing you. From the moment you landed on this page you ceased being a human being. Understand that you are worthless as you stand before me now, no better than the other dickheads standing next to you. In-processing begins now, everyone hit the showers! You have 5 minutes to shower and shave your entire body. Move it, Move it, Move it!

Back in line, when I call your name step forward. Private pindick front and center! Collective punishment for individual infractions will be an everyday occurrence in my platoon, do you read me? In other words, if one of you fucks up you all pay the price!

Alright wankers grab those cocks you have 60 seconds to bring them to attention, Do It !! Times up, hands off! Private pindick is that the best that you can do? Hand me the measuring tape now. Three meeslie inches, thats all you have to give? Look around you, the other recruits are packing at least twice as much as you. Feeling lower than a snakes belly now aren’t you? On your knees private and give me twenty (as I seductively raise my skirt) big long licks across my gorgeous ass. Not In It You Twit !!!! You are a screw up plain and simple, for that infraction the rest of the platoon will pay!

Drop and give me 100 push ups girls while private pindick strokes his teenie wiennie! Remember this private, pay backs are a bitch! Thats it for now, Lights Out !!!!

Humiliation Phone Sex

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