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Simone’s Humiliation Techniques

First, find out what the subject MOST fears. Everyone is scared of something and having this information is quite fitting to a call. I Love when Phone Sex humiliation becomes so intense that the subject thinks of it all day long…

Now notice that I’m saying the word subject. This is a form of naming humiliation. You aren’t a man but a “subject”. I compare the word to a test project for My chemistry set or a psychology experiment. You are the “nameless one”, the one that amuses Me, and the one that pleases Me when you are a good boy. “Subject.” you are the one I order to clean My shoes, clean My underwear and make My bed. A subject is much like the initiate dying to become a pet and always always aching for the title of slave. A pet is an obedient man that follows the direction of his Mistress. . * A slave is one that has NO IDENTITY BUT THE ONE I GIVE HIM…*

*OH… how I love My slaves…*

Small Penis and Cuckold Humiliation

Well everyone knows about the small penis. No women really wants one, so it is quite embarrassing when a man has to pull it out and hope and pray it’s enough to please his mate. Well he braces for impact, because in his lonely little heart, he knows it isn’t big enough to please anyone, let alone a Mistress.

*No worries, having a little penis means that you will work on other skills such as our mind. Women love a man that is intelligent!*

Don’t worry, we will find our sexual gratification somewhere else. Or we could always train you as a lesbian. Goddess body worship is Very important to Me.

*Lesbian Humiliation*

When your penis just isn’t worth looking at, I can always pretend you don’t have one at all. I enjoy making men that are rather small in the penis department wear a strap-on. You see I enjoy deep penetrating sex and I
don’t feel I have to masturbate to achieve this.

I mean why should I have to do All the work. So the only way I sleep with a little man is if he wears something to cover his own penis AND he knows how to lick Me to My satisfaction not his..

*That will be all for now “subjects”. You are now dismissed. Your next assignment will be to go to My blog and tell me how you would like to please Me in the comments area.

* I look forward to your feedback.:)*



5 comments to Simone’s Humiliation Techniques

  • Barbie Boy

    Simone, I most fear that a bunch of girls will notice how much I am crazy for pantyhose. I cannot help but stare at women who wear pantyhose. I feel dumb and helpless in front of them, I start to stammer if talking to them.
    I am so crazy for pantyhose that I am urged to wear them by myself, but no girl should discover my little secret… That would be too humiliating!
    Barbie Boy

  • Then I would make sure I took advantage of that fact. 🙂 You would wear them underneath your slacks everyday for a week.

  • Little Dick at Home

    Simone, I know my wife is cheating on me though she hasn’t said so. I don’t blame her since she’s not getting lovemaking from me since I can’t get it in far enough. I’d like her to toss out my boxers and make me wear pink panties, as fitting for my status. How should I encourage her do this, as well as admit she’s getting sex elsewhere? I don’t want her to lie and pretend she’s going somewhere else. I don’t want her to have that stress. I want her to confidently admit she’s fucking other men (real men).

  • Rickie White

    hi Ms Olivia, i did not know that my cock was so little until i walk in on my wife and she had a big black cock in her mouth and one in her hot pussy , i did not know what to do , so i just stood there and watched . i got so hot, looking at that big black cock that i cum in my panty. You see i am gay but i do fuck my wife one a while. i do love to eat her hot pussy i don’t blame her, i love to have that big cock in my mouth too. Now we go out to the bar and pick up man so i can suck them hard for her to fuck and i do love it but i do love to suck her boy friend too but she make me set and watch her fuck then and it hurt and she call me her sissy boy and dress me as a girl , now all that I wear is girl clothes and i got to take care of the house as a girl now and be dressed as a girl and i wear my girl clothes out now . at first i was humiliated love Rickie

  • hello Ms Simone , i love to be your sissy too . i love to hear from you , i just love Bootcamp because i love to be humiliated and you girl are the best. And my wife dress me as a girl 24 seven . i do not get to wear men’s clothes at all . when we go out , i dress as a girl . i put on make up just like all you girls do. i wear miniskirts. i did have my breasts done and i love it. your hot sissy Rickie White

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