Goddess Rachel always deepens your humiliation! 1-800-356-6169Humiliation slaves: do you want a new way to amuse and please your Mistress? Maybe to atone for some misdeed?

Why don’t you label yourself with exactly who and what you are or have done?

When you apply accurate words to your skin, it can feel as if the ink sinks right through it and into your subconscious, really drive the lesson home! You can be exposed for Mistress on webcam and let Her choose the words. You can choose them yourself, and take pictures to share, or savor with shame alone. Or just look in the mirror! You’ll surely hasten your journey to subspace!

Whoa there. Don’t run off to the junk drawer to fish out a marker just yet. There are choices, tips, and cautions I want to share with you. I want you as well-prepared to get the most out of this method of humiliation as possible. Besides, the options are fun, and the skills you’ll need to practice are important to how well you display yourself in the end.

Read on to make note of those, and then use the humiliation assignment in the audio at the end to practice what you’ve learned!

Now, let’s start by going over some of your tool options for this particular humiliating thrill!

Humiliation tools: the Sharpie

I first want to talk about this classic. The most important thing to note about the Sharpie is that the ink is permanent. Not permanent like a tattoo of course, but it can take two or three days for whatever you write on yourself to fade. That’s with normal daily bathing.

This can be inconvenient, to say the least. Many of you have to carefully carve out the time and privacy for kinky playtime from household or professional obligations. In other words, people you don’t intend to have share in your submissive gesture, might, if you use a Sharpie and don’t take care.

That said (as I rearrange My coif to hide My devil horns) the risk of the above can be mitigated if you don’t write on your face. If you write on your arms, chest, ass, or soles of your feet, the only sign that you’ve got a secret under your clothes may be the tent in your pants!

And that would make you hard, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, maybe you’re the type for whom humiliation isn’t as potent without the perception of risk. If so, you’ll want to take note of  how to remove Sharpie from skin in a shorter amount of time.

Further, it might not be a bad thing, if you have the free time and privacy, to wear your status until it fades. As your humiliatrix, I would enjoy that quite a bit!

Whichever the case, either make sure you have that time to spare, or the tools to remove the evidence of your kinky side.

Skin-Safe Options: Lipstick

For those of you who like to compartmentalize humiliation play from the rest of your life more securely, there are otherGoddess Rachel always deepens your humiliation! 1-800-356-6169 options.

Take lipstick, for example. In fact, why not ask your Mistress for the name of Her favorite brand and shade? You’ll probably end up both humiliated and excited using the same product with which Mistress adorns Her sacred kisser.

Think of the sexual humiliation of knowing that the only way you’ll ever experience Mistress’ lipstick marks on your skin is to write degrading words on yourself with it!

Let’s face it–you’ll never get any closer to Her mouth! Unless she’s a biter, of course. *wink*

One caveat–lipstick isn’t as intuitive to use as a tool meant for writing. If your Mistress is anything like Me, She won’t accept that as an excuse for an illegible display. So give yourself extra time to practice writing nice and neat with it.

Other Skin-Safe Options

It probably won’t surprise you that are skin-safe markers. Some are made expressly for use on the skin. What’s more, many of these options are the key to greater creativity in displaying your devotion to Mistress’ satisfaction, whether that comes from amusement, or the soothing of Her ire.

The best example of this I could find was the Mozaiz Face Painting Kit. Sure, most of you are likely to only use black, but fans of sissy humiliation will certainly be able to make use of the other colors. These apparently wash off easily with soap and water, or makeup remover pads at worst. And they’re very inexpensive!

Now, what about those skills I mentioned with regard to application?

For that, you’ll need to click the banner below, and listen to My audio instructions!

I look forward to seeing some of you put this idea to use in Our humiliation sessions! I’ve got lots of ideas. *wink*


Goddess Rachel, Humiliatrix


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