Ms. Audrey offers you Extreme Girl Bitch Humiliation.
Do you crave Girl Bitch Humiliation? I thought so. If you were wearing panties at a young age, being made fun of by your siblings, or kicked in the balls as a teen, chances are it’s going to be really hard for you–almost impossible--not to wear panties–and of course, you will always crave Girl Bitch Humiliation.

Girl Bitches Have Tiny Cocks

How do I know about your tiny secret? I just do. Obviously there’s nothing better than confessing this to a beautiful SPH Mistress.

Humiliate Yourself For Me

Many of my girl bitch callers like me to make them verbally humiliate themselves. It’s one thing if I do it (and I am rather well versed at it) but it’s another level of humiliation entirely if a girl bitch has to admit her slutty girl bitch ways out loud and confess all those secret desires and truths like:  I can’t satisfy a woman, I’m not a real man, I love strap-ons, I crave cock and so on.

Extreme Girl Bitch Humiliation

If sensual humiliation isn’t enough and you constantly fantasized about what it would be like to experience extreme humiliation and chastity with a dollop of denial, then you’re probably looking for extreme girl bitch humiliation. I know what you’re all about. You’re someone who secretly doesn’t want a woman to please you or to think so highly of you that they might actually be concerned with what you think. Instead you need a Mistress who will tell it to you straight: that you are a pathetic loser who deserves to be treated as the lowest of the low by someone pretty yet so so cruel. You’ll do anything it takes to get my attention, hoping that if you give me enough lavish gifts I might lower myself to notice you or at least insult you.


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Girl Bitch Humiliation

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