MarlenaI love leading interrogation scenarios.

I love combining humiliation, bondage, and the threat of pain to get to your deepest, darkest secrets. I know you won’t part with your most humiliating confessions easily, so I’m prepared to became a merciless interrogator to get what I want. A two-Mistress call is an especially mortifying way to reveal your embarrassing stories, kinks, and fantasies. After all, when the two of us gang up on you, you’ll be utterly helpless to our tactics and torment.

We’ll get your naughty admissions out sooner or later…

If you don’t start talking immediately, we’ll have to get creative. Perhaps some cock and ball bondage will incentivize you to admit your stroking addiction. If you don’t fess up, we’ll just ramp up the tease and denial until your cock throbs so hard you think it’ll burst. Imagine being tied up at the mercy of two stern interrogators with a taste for torment. Your only options are confess or suffer, and both sound equally delicious to me!

The sound of two women laughing is especially humiliating.

If one femdom interrogator was bad, imagine the power of two. I love giggling with my fellow LDW Mistresses about the details of your pathetic inadequacy. We’ll make you admit it all. Is your pindick too small to ever please a woman? Does your wife get fucked while you sleep alone in bed? Are you a pantybitch who loves all things lace? Whatever your secret, we’ll learn it.

Do you think you can handle a two-Mistress interrogation?

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