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Today’s assignment from the Experienced Mistress takes you to an adult bookstore where you’ll shop for sex toys.  You know WHY you’re getting this assignment, right?  It’s because you asked why I was laughing so hard when you got naked.  Imagine that, you wanted to know what was WRONG with your small penis!


What’s wrong with your dick size?

Wrong?  Why nothing is wrong per se.  You DO have your uses but don’t even think about reaching for My beautiful body.  You don’t deserve it.  You will NOT be the man I want for body worship.  You’re just not “My type” of man.  In fact, …. Hmmmmm, let Me look closely ….. you might not even be a man at all!

Still, I don’t want you to miss out on activities that real men engage in so that’s why I’m sending you sex toy shopping.

Here’s your list:

  • 9 inch realistic looking dildo
  • rubber pussy
  • Get a dildo molded from a real cock

I want the dildo to really be authentic looking.  I want it to look like a lovely hard cock with veins and a nice round dome of a cockhead.

Humiliating questions

I know you don’t KNOW what a real cock looks like so you might need to take the dildo to the clerk and ask, “Is this what a real penis looks like?”   ~laughs~  Just imagine the looks you’ll get with THAT question!

Now, do the same with the rubber pussy.  Take TWO different ones up to the clerk and ask, which one looks more realistic?  ~laughs~   I would love to have a humiliation call with you while you’re doing this, just to make sure you do it right!

You are really telling on yourself here.  Let’s list it, you don’t know what an actual hard cock looks like and you don’t know what a pussy looks like.  ~grinz~  What do you think folks are beginning to think?  Hmmmmmmm

I know what I’m thinking!  Click on the free humiliation audio to find out.

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