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What’s your measurement?

Sometimes phone sex callers want to know My measurements so I’m turning the tables and asking for yours!  If you’re interested in cock control, I need to know what I have to work with.  ~grinz~  If you want to see why I have control just look to see why I am the Experienced Mistress.

For this assignment you’ll need a ruler or measuring tape.  You’ll also need a cucumber.

First Stop on Your Humiliation Assignment Location

The first stop is the local grocery store.  Go over to the cucumber section.  I want you to find the nice fat cucumbers and then get out your ruler or measuring tape.  Okay now, start measuring!

I want you to keep measuring and handling those cucs for at least 5 minutes.  Choose three cucumbers.  One will need to be 6 inches, another will be 8 inches and the last will be 9 inches.

Your Humiliation at Home

Now, go back home.  Take off your clothes and stand in front of a mirror.  I bet you’re hard aren’t you?  ~laughs~ I bet you were hard the whole time in the store!   I know a humiliation pervert when I see one!  But, could anyone actually tell you had a hard on?  ~laughs~  I didn’t think so.  Which is the whole point of this assignment.

While you’re standing in front of the mirror I want you to hold up the 6 inch cucumber right at your crotch.  Hold with one hand and start to stroke with the other hand.  Turn sideways and look at how that looks while you stroke from the side.

THIS is only six inches and it look so much better than your tiny dick!  ~laughs~  Now I want you to do the same thing with the 8 inch cucumber cock.  Really LOOK at it, compare this with what you have.  Now, you’re getting the picture of what a woman has in her head of the size of what she wants in a cock.

You don’t measure up do you?  This free humiliation audio gives you a hint of just exactly how different you are!

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