So, My pets, I have a task for you. You need to be in the right mind-frame first because humiliation is not only in the task; it is how I have you feel about yourself while doing it. Awww, are you feeling a little bit smaller? Imagine how belittled you’re going to start feeling in five minutes. *evil grin* And it’s only going to get better, I promise. Yes, you can stroke that cock ONCE.

By now you realize there are only two worthy goals in your life as My sub: being My entertainment and making My life a little easier. Yet you can never be Me so you can never do a task completely in the right way. Strive as you will, you will always fail to meet My expectations. Yet, strive you must to bring that smile to My lips, whether it is sadistic or sated, as your greatest achievement. I know this hurts to read but isn’t it the very pain to which you are addicted? This is why you feel at home right now, safely degraded.

The humiliation assignment for today: you need a toothbrush – yours of course!  After stripping yourself naked in the living room with all the curtains and blinds drawn OPEN, place the toothbrush sideways between your teeth like a dog carrying a bone. Crawl to the washroom (including up any stairs) and assume your position, kneeling in front of the toilet with the mat removed.  After flushing it once, in case you’ve been a lazy pet, lift the lid and seat to inspect the bowl.  If I were there, I would be helping you by grabbing a handful of your hair to position your head in the bowl sideways so you could get a really good look under the rim for any stains. Imagine that feeling of roughly being moved around just inches from any area I deemed needing attention.

For the next 30 minutes, scrub with a cleanser under the rim, then moving down to the bottom. I want you to hear my voice the entire time pointing out how you’re not measuing up. How you will never measure up so you can try harder. My gift to you. Imagine afterwards how you will see an indifferent look in My eyes for what you managed to do right followed by a matter-of-fact look in pointing out what you missed, your face thrust back into the toilet by My hand! Imagine how hard and aching you will be to cum.

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