Ya know there is never an acceptable time for a slave or pet to
misbehave. There are times when even the usual punishment just isn’t enough. You are obviously not humiliated enough wearing your little Miss Muffet outfit, with the big frilly poofy dress, frilly white socks and black buckle shoes. That just isn’t working on you anymore.

I think I have something that may be suitable for such disobedience on your part. LOL. Instead look at what I have brought for you to wear today:

· a diaper
· a romper
· a pacifier
· a bib
· and cute lil baby hat

HAHA the look on your face is absolutely priceless right now. I think that you have gotten quite comfortable being dressed as a sissy when you are in trouble but now you are being reduced to babyhood. I even have a widdle baby bottle for you. My cutie patotootie baby! Hahaha your cheeks are so rosy…oh wait, that’s embarrassment!

I think its time for our walk widdle babykins. Ill put you in the stroller
and walk you up and down the street…I wonder what the neighbors will think? I see you’re shaking your head ‘NO’. Maybe I should paddle your widdle baby bottom for being a bad, bad baby. Remember not to potty in your diaper. That will get you another paddle to. If your hunger my precious pathetic adult baby I have a bottle for you to drink out of.

HAHAHAHA. I will hear your begs, cries and please to take you out of this baby outfit…but I think it’s a good look for you. After all babies tend to not know how to behave…and neither do you. This is you punishment and you will bask in the humiliation of it. LOL

For a humiliation phone sex session with Empress Ivy, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card