So you have finally found your calling. You have found the ultimate reason for your pathetic existence. You crave to be collared and led around on My short tight leash. Your divine purpose in life is to serve Me as a human pet. That is wonderful news. I love pets. In fact, I collect them. Now the only decision for you make is what kind of pet will you be to serve Me best. Be warned. Once you become My pet you are mine. I own you.

Do you want to be My wittle puppy dog? You will whimper and beg for My attention. You will be obedient and perform tricks such as rolling over for My amusement. I will degrade you by flinging My cum stained laced boy short panties across the room and make you fetch. If you are a good fetish puppy, I will allow you to hump the floor and pump your puppy love squirts into your doggie dish for a yummy treat.

Maybe you need something filthier. You can be My dirty, disgusting piggy bitch. this position is very fitting for the overweight, fat ass slave. I will enjoy sitting on your face. My soft tan ass smothering you while you snort away. I will wear boots and stomp in mud puddles just so My pet can have the honorable task of licking them clean. For your treat I will let you roll around in the mud and hump away.

If public humiliation is more your thing, then perhaps you’ll want to be My pony boy slave. It is also perfect for My stronger and more eye pleasing suitors. You’ll be a pony perfect for a Princess when I dress you in pink trunks and leather harness. An extravagant headdress and blonde butt plug tail. You’ll need be strong and fit. Pulling the chariot filled with Me and My hot girlfriends to all of the downtown hotspots on a Friday night.

There you have it potential pet. Now click below to find out how you can audition.

Humiliation sessions with Empress Casey 800-601-6975