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Our mission—and our promise—is to get deep inside your head and use your humiliation fantasies, erotic uncertainties, sexual desires, and deep dark secrets to embarrass and humiliate you in a very stimulating way…

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Humiliation Slut

I think, in my crusade to convince everyone to just accept the truth about themselves, that it's time to turn to the Humiliation Slut Whores in the world. Yes, that's right, I want you to go ahead and embrace the humiliation, slut! Accept that...

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You are Not a Real Man

A Real Man Gets Pussy Are you aware of the fact that a woman's pussy is saved for a real man with a real cock? If this surprises you, then you are either a real man who has underestimated the value of his endowment, or you're a guy who has not been able to get any...

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Cum On Your Face Humiliation With Ms. Piper

So today I had a caller ask me why I didn't like to suck cock and let a guy cum on my face. He tried to explain to me that it's not disrespectful to cum on a woman's face! Of course, I know better. Cumming on anyone's face is a sign of ownership, of making someone...

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Pathetic Loser Fun With Mistress Erika

Think about it, pathetic loser. It is great fun for me to humiliate you!  I'm the kinda woman who loves to break barriers, push boundaries!  What luck I have, to be able to exercise my darker side. A side which "polite society" frowns upon. Good girls are supposed to...

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Submissive, Obey Your Mistress Cindy

Women Are Superior, Men Are Inferior, So Obey Your Mistress Superiority and inferiority are not two sides of the same coin. In fact, they are completely different animals with distinct differences. I am a woman and you are a man...there are distinct differences. You,...

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