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Humiliated and it Feels so Good

If you’ve ever wondered why anyone would want to be humiliated, much less pay for the privilege, let me tell you, it’s not what you think! There are many more than 50 shades of Sensual Humiliation, which do not include yelling, whips, chains and/or a harsh voice. In fact, my erotically charged sweet voice . . . → Read More: Humiliated and it Feels so Good

Sensual Humiliation

I’ve never really been the sort to go for extremely hardcore humiliation games. I like sensual humiliation much better!

I think of humiliation as something that ebbs and flows, like the waves of the ocean. There’s no need for a tsunami of shame and humiliation, when the slow erosion of self that happens over . . . → Read More: Sensual Humiliation

Strap-on Humiliation with Ms. Scarlet

I’ve always enjoyed providing men with the humiliation and emasculation that they all need. There’s a part of me that enjoys the direct, in your face, militant style of female domination. The leather thigh high boots, my tits pushed up under my chin with a tight corset, a long crop in my hand as . . . → Read More: Strap-on Humiliation with Ms. Scarlet

Mistress Christine Knows What a Tiny Penis Needs

… you really can’t keep your hands off of it, can you? lol…. I know, I know, it’s just so hard to resist. That tiny little, pathetic excuse for a dick is just screaming for you to touch it and you really can’t stop, can you?

The Little Dicklette That Could

All joking aside, . . . → Read More: Mistress Christine Knows What a Tiny Penis Needs

Ms Peyton Is Looking For Losers Like you

I bet you are just the humiliation slut that I have been looking for.  Do you get turned on by humiliation?  I bet your already getting hard just thinking about it. You crave degradation, don’t you?  You know that you will never MEASURE up to such a perfect woman.

In fact, you know that . . . → Read More: Ms Peyton Is Looking For Losers Like you

Your phone sex humiliation games partner, Ms Harper

There are all sorts of different types of Erotic Humiliation.

Ranging from the guys who love to have their cocks insulted to the ones who desire something a little more unusual, humiliation takes many forms. Needless to say, I love them all! The root of humiliation, for me, lies in the power it gives . . . → Read More: Your phone sex humiliation games partner, Ms Harper

Simone’s Humiliation Techniques

First, find out what the subject MOST fears. Everyone is scared of something and having this information is quite fitting to a call. I Love when Phone Sex humiliation becomes so intense that the subject thinks of it all day long…

Now notice that I’m saying the word subject. This is a form of . . . → Read More: Simone’s Humiliation Techniques

Humiliation with Empress Molly

Are you one of those pervy guys that loves to steal panties from unsuspecting women? Shame on you! I can’t even count how many times I’ve come home from the laundromat to find my sexiest panties missing.

Maybe you love the feel of satin, silk, or cotton rubbing up and down your crotch; maybe . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Empress Molly

Humiliation with Empress Melanie

Hello boys, I’m a new face here at Humiliation Bootcamp. But don’t be fooled, you’re not getting off easy with the newbie. Your first task from me is to tell the next adult woman you encounter that you are an inferior man at her service. I don’t care who this woman is – your . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Empress Melanie

Humiliation with Mistress Courtney

Ah, you are back for more humiliation, aren’t you, loser? Well, I can’t say that I blame you. Not that I want to be humiliated, but I know how desperately you need and crave humiliation. Well, there is now a wonderful way for you to publicly humiliate yourself! I want you to sign on . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Mistress Courtney