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Pindick Condom Shopping With Ms Christine

Is That The Right Size Condom For Your Pindick?

You’ll have to ask the clerk about pindick sized condoms…

Magnum?  Really?  You think that tiny little pindick will fit in a Magnum sized condom?  That’s like putting a golf pencil in a gallon sized Ziploc bag!  I think you need some help . . . → Read More: Pindick Condom Shopping With Ms Christine

Humiliation Phone Sex Gets You Hard

Are you turned on by being humiliated?  Does your pin dick stiffen when a sexy woman laughs at the thimble-sized nub between your legs?  Or maybe you become aroused when it is pointed out that you are nothing but a pathetic, cock-sucking wimp?  At Erotic Phone Humiliation you will find the perfect Mistress  for . . . → Read More: Humiliation Phone Sex Gets You Hard

Ms Olivia’s Condom Amusement

I know that you have already realized that condoms don’t work for you.  Even the smallest size is just too big.  Awwwwwwww.  A condom is pretty useless if it slips off and that is what happens to you.  You’ve got a small dick and the smallest condom is simply too big.  ~laughs~

Your Chance . . . → Read More: Ms Olivia’s Condom Amusement

Small Cocked = Made for Humiliation

You came here with that?

Seriously? You showed up with that? What is it, about 2 inches long? It looks like a tube of lipstick there between your legs. What do you do with that? You can’t expect me to believe you’ve actually ever pleasured a woman with it? C’mon, how often have you . . . → Read More: Small Cocked = Made for Humiliation

Humiliated Stroking for Empress Casey

I am sure all of My strokers sluts are very aware of how privileged you are to have a hot girl like me spend anytime with you, let alone the time when you are wacking off. However, yet I do. Why? Because it amuses me to hear how sad some of you dirty little . . . → Read More: Humiliated Stroking for Empress Casey

Panty Shopping with Empress Whitney

You’ve begged and begged for me to fuck you, and I’ve told you repeatedly you aren’t worth my time. But since you seem so insistent, I’ll tell you what: Drop your pants, show me what you’ve got, and we’ll figure out if we can’t put you to some good use.

Wait a second…where is . . . → Read More: Panty Shopping with Empress Whitney

Humiliation with Ms. Olivia

What a funny little “man” you are….if I can even call you a man.

Right now, you’re a mass of quivering nerves aren’t you?  I listen for that catch in your breath.  It’s anticipation and fear and shame and more.  Why?  Because you know that you’re going to do it, whatever it is …. . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Ms. Olivia

Humiliation with Empress Kara

Humiliating little toys like you is a hobby of mine.  I love to make you feel an inch high.  You know you don’t even deserve to be in my presence, let alone serve me.  You are good for nothing.  You take your pants off in front of a lady and she just screams in . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Empress Kara

Humiliation Assignment from Empress Lauren

Poor little stroker boy… I know the real reason you masturbate so much. Every woman you meet is immediately disinterested as soon as she sees that water pistol you’re packing in your pants. Real men have big guns, babe and in that respect, well, you haven’t even got a bb gun. But since you . . . → Read More: Humiliation Assignment from Empress Lauren

Humiliation with Princess Lilah

OK the weather is getting nice, some places like here it is damn hot and we all know you need some excitement in your lame, little life, don’t you?  I am sure even if the weather is nice your pathetic, little pindick doesn’t get any action, does it?  I know that with your pricklet . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Princess Lilah