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You’re Not a Real Man

You’re not a real man.

It’s got to be glaringly obvious by now that you’re not a real man. You’re barely even worthy of being in polite company as a servant or slave, and you certainly know that you could never pretend to be manly enough to fool anyone. You are a weak and pathetic sissy slut cock sucker, and you know it. And all of that could still leave room for you to claim to be a man at the end of the day, except for one fatal flaw: you’re pathetic in bed.

Real men have huge cocks and know how to use them.

you're not a real man 800 356 6169You? You have a tiny little pecker and can’t even keep your girlfriend satisfied enough not to run out and fuck big-dicked men. You’re so weak and pathetic that you stay home on Friday evenings while she goes out to the club with her friends and winds up coming home after the bars close, smelling of another man’s aftershave. You’re a cuck, and you have to know exactly how pathetic and sad that makes you. In no world would you be considered anything other than a beta. You’re not a real man at all.

Weak little cucks like you are to be pitied.

It’s no wonder that you can’t keep a woman satisfied. Anything less than a good, fat cock, at least 8 inches in length, and any woman would walk away. This? This tiny thing between your legs? That pathetic, hotdog-looking thing? Could never satisfy anyone, and you know it. That, honestly, is the worst part. That you know all this, and yet you still inflict your pathetic self on women, as if you had some other, sterling characteristic that could possibly make us overlook the simple plain fact that you’re not a real man at all. You’re just so fucking pathetic, really.


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3 comments to You’re Not a Real Man

  • sissyteddy

    Thankyou Mistress Harper this wonderful information about how women really feel about my 2 inch little dick penis!

  • sissyteddy

    Thankyou for the wonderful 15th Anniversary Extravaganza!That was so wonderful and kind!

  • Sissy April Nicole

    The truth has lead me to wearing pantys and crossdressing taking bovine and herbal feminization products and of course sucking cock and even now as we speak i am thinking of getting some cock to suck but now my preference is other little penis sissys or dildoes

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