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How to Enjoy Humiliation with Mistress Audrey

If you’d like to understand how to enjoy humiliation, I am well versed this amorphous fetish. Many first time callers tell me they want me to humiliate them, but have no idea what a vast and almost meaningless word ‘humiliation’ is. It’s like hopping in an Uber and saying I want to go . . . → Read More: How to Enjoy Humiliation with Mistress Audrey

Ms. Audrey’s Extreme Humiliation

Extreme Humiliation – Can You Take It

Want a little taste of my¬†extreme humiliation? Not so fast. I’m not convinced you can actually take it.

Let me guess. You’re someone who secretly doesn’t want a woman to please you or to think so highly of you that they might actually be concerned with what . . . → Read More: Ms. Audrey’s Extreme Humiliation