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Ms Christine Verbally Humiliates You

I can’t wait to hear your list…

Does it get you off?

Humiliation just covers so much, doesn’t it? For some of my pets, it’s all physical. A CFNM session, where they are naked and vulnerable before me and I’m dressed in a latex catsuit so they can’t see any of my . . . → Read More: Ms Christine Verbally Humiliates You

Ms Christine Loves Milking You

It amuses me to milk you…

Give Up Control of Your Cock

You need and crave cock control. You want a sexy Mistress like me, Ms. Christine, to take control of it, to tell you when and how to stroke. I find that the biggest part of cock control, the thing that . . . → Read More: Ms Christine Loves Milking You

Ms. Delia’s Humiliation Lesson

You Need to be Humiliated

Masturbation Mistress Delia

It’s really the only way to change your ways. You know you need to be humiliated, because you’ve been a disappointment to women your entire life. A small penised wimp. A minute man who shoots his load as soon as his cock is inside of . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia’s Humiliation Lesson