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Humiliate yourself for Empress Lauren

Hey there humiliation junkies! I know you boys love doing stupidly hilarious things to amuse me. It makes your freaky little dicks hard to expose yourself to my mockery, scorn, ridicule and laughter. In fact, it’s that tinkling laugh that compels you to humiliate yourself so very much. So this week, I was thinking . . . → Read More: Humiliate yourself for Empress Lauren

Humiliation with Ms. Olivia

What a funny little “man” you are….if I can even call you a man.

Right now, you’re a mass of quivering nerves aren’t you?  I listen for that catch in your breath.  It’s anticipation and fear and shame and more.  Why?  Because you know that you’re going to do it, whatever it is …. . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Ms. Olivia

Humiliation with Empress Josephine

One of my favorite games to play is fetch the panties. It’s even more fun when I invite a girlfriend and she brings her dirty panties. We invite a sissy or panty slave over. After we are comfortable, sitting back and having a cocktail, we each sit our pile of panties in front of . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Empress Josephine

Humiliation with Empress Lauren

You beg me to tell you what it would take to amuse me. You ask me what humiliating thing you could do to prove your devotion. So I give you minor things, things that will get you used to the silken threads of my complete domination of your sexuality. You’re surprised when each of . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Empress Lauren

Humiliation with Mistress Sarah

Why do you enjoy embarrassing yourself for our amusement? It is very simple slut. You are so pathetic that you are willing to do anything a woman tells you to do. You are really going to put on a show for all of us Mistresses.

Let us begin going shopping for your assignment. I . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Mistress Sarah

Humiliation with Empress Melanie

I’ve seen you watching from the back of the classroom. Me and my sorority girls are way out of your league. But we have a special task planned for you, to indoctrinate you into our secret wanker website, ~giggle. It’s a url that only we know, to entertain us on those nights we stay . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Empress Melanie

Humiliation with Empress Hunter

Psst.  Hey there little dick loser.  Yes, of course  I am talking to you and you know it.  You know that little mushy wad of skin between your legs isn’t really a dick anyway!  It’s really just a little clitty, which is exactly why the only way you can enjoy the company . . . → Read More: Humiliation with Empress Hunter