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Fun phone humiliation with Ms Simone

(ASMR) Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response meets Phone Humiliation.

I LOVE ASMR Humilation!

I LOVE ASMR Humilation!

There is nothing better than some fun phone humiliation to get your cock nice and hard. I love making fun of your tiny dicklet and the micro marbles between your legs. Now, imagine adding a little head orgasm to the mix. ASMR, otherwise known as a head orgasm, is when you get those little tingles down your spine and across your scalp when someone is whispering to you.

Imagine I am whispering your humiliation.

I hold you close to me. You feel completely comfortable. Maybe you hear a fire crackling in the background. You are completely at peace when I pull you close to me and tell you that you have a really small penis. I whisper that your cock does not satisfy me. It never has given me an orgasm. I hold you tight to me when I say these things.

It’s these mixed signals of very soft and hard words that adds to the excitement.

There is nothing like an LDW mistress giving you a head orgasm while mixing it with a bit of humiliation. Phone humiliation, however, does not have to stop there. I can whisper to you that you would look better in my panties then I do. I would tell you that my hand is the perfect pussy for you. Or, perhaps I would break your heart and tell you that I was going to find other men to have sex with while I give you a slow hand job.

I LOVE humiliation, and I am SO excited about this new technique…and doing it to YOU!

Hugs and Kisses

Mistress Simone

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Why I Enjoy Humiliating You

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Sensual Humiliation

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Training for a Man With a Small Penis

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Pull out Mr. Tiny!

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Practice Face Sitting for Mistress Piper

You Know You Need It!800-601-6975

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Talk Dirty To Ms Christine

You Know I Can Talk Dirty To You

Tell me all those naughty thoughts of yours…

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Humiliation for the Straight Man

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CFNM Humiliation Makes Ms. Piper Smile

Prepare to Impress Me! 800-601-6975

You want to make me smile, don’t you? Then get naked for Mistress!

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