Your Cheeks Get Red When You Ride Ms. Piper’s Cock

Humiliation phone sex mistress

I want all of you.

Your eyes widen in surprise when you feel my long hard strap on cock.

I push you down to your knees, unbutton my skirt, and stand in front of you with my dick aggressively jutting out.

“Suck it,” I say. “Suck my big hard cock.”

To my surprise, you eagerly begin licking my thick dick. Just for fun, I grab the back of your head and push you further down on it until you gag. “C’mon. You can take more!” I exclaim. You’re exciting me with your wet sloppy sucking.

I run my fingers through your hair and coo, “Is my little cocksucker’s pussy getting wet?” I slide my hand down your back and into your pants. When I finger your asshole, you groan and stick your ass out.

I push your mouth off my cock. “If you’re so horny for dick, then you can be my girlfriend tonight.”

I take off my bra and panties and order you to strip. I put on your boxers and shirt, my dick sticking out of the fly. You look ridiculous in my lingerie; the head of your cock–I mean, clitty–poking out of the top of my panties. You spread your legs and look down at me as I pour lube into my hand and smear it on my cock.

I hold the head of my dick at the entrance to your virgin asshole.

“Beg for it. Beg for me to pop your ass cherry and fuck you.”

And you do, indeed beg for it.

I slide it in deep and hard.

You’re wearing my panties, riding my cock like a bitch. Strap-on humiliation hurts so good, doesn’t it baby?

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