Craving Cock For Ms. Piper: You Never Thought You Would!

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Cum play with Ms. Piper

Is it humiliating to crave cock for your Mistress?

Perhaps you answered no. (you know who you are!)

However, I have a panty boy slut who told me right up front one of his hard limits was coerced bi–meaning, I couldn’t ask him to suck cock. Of course, I agreed. No problem. I always respect hard limits, and honestly, that’s not too much to ask.

The only problem was, after a few months of panty wearing and orgasm denial, he began begging me to suck cock!

Oh this was so delicious! Denying his orgasm has driven him so crazy that he didn’t know which end was up (so getting on his knees seemed like the best thing to do!)

So what’s a Mistress to do? Slave draws a hard limit, Mistress promises to respect it, then slave began begging his Mistress to forget about that hard limit. Well, I of course told him I wouldn’t allow him to have cock, for his own good. I really don’t want him to regret being my slave.

But of course, I made sure to shame him unmercifully because he’s now craving cock for me!

And yes, he is completely humiliated. Why would a straight man want to suck cock? He certainly never planned to do this–he’s a man’s man and never once thought about going bisexual–but now he’s starting to beg for it.

Frankly, I don’t really care why this kind of thing happens, I’m just glad it does!

The only thing standing between my panty boy’s mouth and a big juicy dick is me!

And of course I would never ever ever influence a man to suck cock, Right?

What about you? Why don’t we give this a try? I’m sure you’d be completely safe in my hands; nothing would ever happen to you!

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