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Humiliation Addict Gets a New Girlfriend

I gave my humiliation addict a new girlfriend.

Ms. Simone's humiliation addict is getting a new girlfriend!

Humiliation is FUN!

I figure it’s time to be nice to my little humiliation pet. After all, he has been such a good pet. He has done my laundry, and made my bed every day. It’s only fair for me to be a little nice to him every once in a while, as a reward. Every submissive needs to be given treats to make them perform better. So, I told him that, tonight, he was getting a brand new girlfriend.

My pet was very excited to have a new mate in his life instead of pocket pussy humiliation.

Subby was super excited by the idea of being with a real life woman, but still a bit nervous. He was uncertain if he would get along with her, or be able to please her. I told him that I made sure she met all of his requirements. But, since I was his Domme, he would have to trust me completely and meet her for the first time blind folded. Subby was very apprehensive about this, but I can be very convincing. Needless to say, he agreed.

I lit some candles, and blindfolded him and he waited for the doorbell to ring.

The door bell rang, and I got up to answer the door. He heard giggling as the two of us took his hands and walked him to the bedroom. My little pet had a huge hard on from his excitement. He told her how beautiful she sounded, and how he could not wait to see her.

Oh,” she said, ” first you have to prove your devotion to me. You are going to make love to me without knowing what I look like. You will not even be allowed to touch me, except for with your cock. You will just hear my voice. Only then, if I am truly satisfied, will you see what I look like.”

We pulled my subby’s pants down, and all five of his inches sprang to attention. He was extremely excited. I had my friend pull his cock to the perfectly lubricated pocket pussy that was duct taped to the wall. I even put a little hair on it so it would feel realistic to his cock. It’s difficult to truly duplicate a real pussy. But, then again, it had been a few years since he had a real one. She let go of his cock as he pushed his way inside of the pocket pussy.

“Oh, that feels good, can you push a little harder? Oh, yes, cum inside of Me, sweetie. I need that. I don’t mind if you cum quickly. I like men that can’t last that long.”

Just as my subby was cumming 2 minutes later. I pulled off the blindfold so he could see what he was having sex with. Both of us died laughing when he saw the chalk outline and a smiley face on the wall. The pocket pussy duct taped to the wall was now dripping with his cum.

“Clean up the mess subby,” I exclaimed. We are going out tonight to pick up some real men.”

Are you a humiliation addict too?

Hugs and Kisses

Mistress Simone


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